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Super Santa Kicker Game

Super Santa Kicker is a Christmas flash game, very popular among kids who are waiting for Christmas presents. The idea of the game is rather simple, when you load the game for the first time you will see a Santa, standing near to his deer. Your mission is to help the Santa get into chimney and arrive in time to the children to give them their presents. The Gameplay is rather easy, you have to set the angle with mouse and then click the mouse for a kick. If the Santa will fall into the chimney, you win the round, if not – you gonna have another chance to make it done. Keep in mind that as you progress in this game, the levels will become more and more difficult, and Santa will face a lot of obstacles on his way to chimney.

Super SanTa Kicker is a flash game that is based on physics, this means that you have to choose wisely the angle of shot as well as the power of theĀ  kick. The graphics is also rather good, the christmas theme will make you happy.

The most interesting thing about the game, is that the developers also created the 2nd and 3rd versions of this game, so now you can enjoy Super Santa kicker 2 and 3 at our website, as we dedicate our website to this flash game as other interesting physics games that will help you to spend a few hours and relax.